The Unexamined Campaign is Not Worth Executing


Truth, transparency, and innovation are essential to our organizational standards. We seek work that has a positive influence in our community through the empowerment of socially relevant organizations. To achieve this it is essential we form strong partnerships with the groups and associations that have a tangible effect on people’s lives, including their lifestyles, jobs, homes, and communities. By servicing these organizations with authentic dedication and accountability we can provide innovative yet pragmatic strategies that when implemented bring organizations and audiences together.


Marketing and Web development never gets old. To us It’s one of the most exciting industries in the world. It’s ever changing communication landscape and demographics keeps us on our toes. Digital marketing is fast paced and as a company our challenge is to know where the industry is going but not get ahead of the curve. Staying in the pocket so our clients can benefit most is the where we need to be. ev+ AGENCY keeps an eye out for new opportunities to help shape a strong brand presence for our clients.


It takes a team to see every angle. Collaborate is key for every project we touch ensuring that we provide value. From project discovery to planning to consultation to creative direction and execution every step is strategically aligned for a favourable outcome. As a full-service agency, we take pride in providing our partners with creative solutions that encompass our entire range of skills

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