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BVJ and Small Town Saturday Night Named as Finalists for two Alto Awards Featured Article

BVJ and Small Town Saturday Night Named as Finalists for two Alto Awards

ev+ AGENCY is sending a huge shout out to our amazing clients, Panhandle Productions and Trixstar Productions, for their tireless and visionary work behind the scenes of the Big Valley Jamboree and its Small Town Saturday Night , both of which were named as finalists for two Travel Alberta Alto...

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Turing Test Your Social Media

Look at your own social media messaging. Read it aloud. Does it sound like something a human would say? Would it pass the Turing test?

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Your CMS: Worth the Cost to Customize?

Your Content Management System (CMS) may not need customization. Content management systems can be designed to allow your staff to do more than just update schedules and make simple copy changes. However, the level of customization involved in your CMS will determine the budget it will take to...

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Websites help your buisiness processes

Let Your Website do the Heavy Lifting!

A website customized to your business's needs can even handle some of your business practices. Websites target your potential clients wherever they are and invite them to learn about your offerings in a non-threatening manner. Those that are looking for your products and services can be guided to relevant products and services pages on your website. Pages can inform and solicit a response or appropriate action, leaving your sales force more time to provide a great customer service experience.

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