Your CMS: Worth the Cost to Customize?

October 11, 2017

Your Content Management System (CMS) may not need customization.

Content management systems can be designed to allow your staff to do more than just update schedules and make simple copy changes. However, the level of customization involved in your CMS will determine the budget it will take to build. Does your company really need to pay for all that customization?

Things to consider:

  • How frequently are updates performed?
  • Does updating your website require impactful design or messaging?
  • Do you have in-house resources that are capable of producing professional communications?

Larger companies with a communications department may have employees that are adept at writing compelling copy and designing graphics. If continual updating is needed customization of the CMS could be the right direction. Customization comes with a higher cost but allows employees to take over the website’s duties, saving on website update fees over the long run.

Example: Some companies have a constant stream of new offerings like products on Kijiji, jobs available on Indeed, or adoptable animals at the Humane Society.These types of companies need to ensure listings can be quickly and professionally integrated into the website using the appropriate taxonomy of a robust content management system.

Smaller companies will probably need website changes and revisions over the years, but the overhead of two employees maintaining their website can be foreboding, and it may be more economical to utilize your website design company for design and copy. In this case do you need to spend your website budget on a robust content management system or should you allocate budget to professionals to update your website? The savings would be substantial, and your website would maintain its professionalism.

It is likely that the CMS you have chosen for your website has some out of the box tools for making simple website updates quickly and easily. Also the WYSIWYG editor is available for this purpose, and it can be programmed so the CSS is integrated into the style sheets, keeping fonts and headings consistent throughout the websites.

To summarize, larger companies with more in-depth website needs would benefit from a robust customized CMS while smaller companies with less in-house help may be better suited to save on the customization costs and let the experts revise when necessary.

Let’s talk about your content management needs.