2017 BVJ Integrated Marketing Campaign

The Need:  2017 marked BVJ’s 25th year and our client wanted an anniversary brand honouring the past and present.

The Solution: Our creative concept for the 2017 BVJ campaign looked to rural roots and the family farm. Much of BVJ’s support comes from rural communities across Alberta, and concert goers represent a spectrum of fans who came of age with country music over many decades. ev+ AGENCY wanted to honour this, paying homage to rural roots and two and a half decades of BVJ history. We envisioned an iconic prairie aesthetic of weathered structures and faded red barn paint, yielding a wood grain.

The Results: We positioned BVJ’s modern brand over a vintage barn board look, acknowledging the festival’s roots while staying focused on the artists and the experience. This design was at that vanguard of the festival’s marketing campaigns and, despite another year of difficult economics in the province, ticket sales remained as strong as ever.

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