CRE Branding & Collateral Materials

The CRE is a lively centre of activity, and promoting it accurately required a brand refresh with movement and emotion. After analyzing and researching the CRE's objectives, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses we discussed with them what significance their work had in the area. An idea was born. The logo uses swirling curves and a crescent moon to depict excitement, energy, and day and night activity. Its colours are strong and create an agricultural feeling, paying homage to the area's roots. The CRE hosts events including conferences, festivals, rodeos, women's shows, holiday events, and other special occasions—there’s always something happening on the exhibition grounds. The brand now reflects the excitement these events bring to the area. Many of their events extend over days, and the CRE plans, executes, and takes care of the thousands of participants during these events.

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