NWP Industries Rebrand

Our client, NWP Incorporated of Blackfalds, annually sells more than $30 million worth of oilfield equipment and related services to the Western Canadian oil patch.

Previously known as Northwest Pipe and Supply Co. Ltd., the company had a reputation amongst non-clients as a ‘pipe-only’ company. Many of their own clients did not know the full extent of its services. Their image needed improvement. And they did almost no advertising.

Parcom developed a comprehensive marketing plan including internal and external research, a name change to reflect the magnitude of the corporation, a contemporary logo and slogan, new corporate image-oriented communications materials, a direct mail campaign to 2,000 key potential customers, a Calgary outdoor campaign with a teaser element, full-page newspaper advertisements, an industry publications campaign, an internal communications plan, and an employee recruitment campaign.

The results were awesome. Once the recruitment ads ran, NWP’s personnel department was swamped with calls and subsequent applications from trades people from all over Western Canada, more than 300 of them in total. The quality of the applicants was high.The outdoor teaser campaign generated so much notice that The Calgary Herald ran a major article entitled “Billboard Mystery Solved”.

NWP received many phone calls from new oil company purchasing agents. There was a definite increase in the respect for NWP Incorporated and its operating companies - the campaign resulted in many millions of dollars in new business. Management believes the campaign has changed old stereotypes into new opportunities.

The campaign won best overall campaign and best outdoor awards in Alberta Venture Magazine’s 1997 business-to-business marketing competition. The owner of the company was named Alberta business person of the year in 1998.

Print and Digital Campaign
NWP Industries all things to oil people
NWP Industries all things to oil people brand launch billboard
NWP Industries Brand launch advertorial